The Glass Gallery

Cindy Poole Hand Sanitiser Pump

Hand Sanitiser Pumps

Recovered, Recycled and Repurposed. Our pump bottles are given a new lease on life as they are transformed into beautiful and functional items for the home, office and bathroom.

Home Décor

Crushed, Kiln Fired, Moulded and Carved – Our home décor is built to last and to impress. Come and explore the timeless pieces available in Cindy Poole’s staple line of elegant statement bowls and lighting fixtures.

Corporate Solutions

Cindy Poole has an extensive range of corporate gifts & awards that not only look beautiful, but will also help you to achieve sustainability within the workplace. From our recycled hand sanitiser range, to customised and handcrafted glass plaque awards – we have the corporate solution for your company.

Glass Jewellery

Cindy’s collection of glass jewellery incorporates her signature style; the fusion of layered glass to the stainless steel cable for a unique and elevated aesthetic. Being a pioneer of this technique in the glass industry, Cindy’s jewellery was recognised on an international scale at the 2017 Artistar Exhibition in Milan.

Glass Art Dance of Leafy

Sculptural Designs

Leafy Sea Dragons, Mesmerising Whale Tails, Fragments of Ocean & Earth…. Cindy’s conceptual sculptural designs are inspired by her surroundings, experiences, and relationships. With a reoccurring theme of ‘nature’, her designs are the perfect inclusion to any home looking for a ‘touch of Esperance’.

Public Art

From collaborations with many other local artists, Cindy Poole has contributed towards public art installations such as the esperance whale tail, Esperance Primary School Seahorse, Margaret River Foreshore and Church stained glass windows. Explore the Esperance foreshore to discover more…

Wearable Art

Leaning into the creative advantages of being an artist for a living, Cindy Poole designed and made the famous ‘Polka Dot Glass Bikini’ as an ode to Esperance, to Glass, and to the fun things in life. Since the Polka Dot Bikini, Cindy has created many more beautiful pieces of ‘Wearable Art’.

Silversmith Series

The Silversmith Series is an exclusive line at the Cindy Poole Glass Gallery – with high quality 925 sterling silver rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants – the beauty and effortlessness of these jewels has made them a crowd favourite in beach-side Esperance.