Public Artworks
The Esperance Whale Tail
The Whale Tail was designed and created by Cindy Poole & Jason Wooldridge for the Esperance Foreshore Development Public Artwork – a beautiful set of linear shapes, as much about the negative space as it is the structure itself. The glass components provide a dimension of beauty to the artwork; capturing the qualities of the sun and the constantly changing light to give the sculpture ‘life’.
The industrial nature of the Esperance Port has been embraced with the use of industrial steel. The design uses jarrah in its central element which makes reference to the timber hulled ships that would have served the jetty and also the jetty itself. The overall form allows a constantly changing picture window within the negative space. Read and see more of the Whale Tail here.
Esperance Primary Seahorse

The fused glass art of Cindy Poole, and sculpting by Phil Shelton, with design input from Jason Wooldridge have created this imaginatively detailed sculpture and signage wall. With an elevated sense of the coastal environment and its sparkling sunlight, the artwork is affected by changes in the light throughout each day.


A group of three central kinetic sculptures designed and created by Cindy Poole & Jason Wooldridge, based upon the shape of a rudder, and framed by Jarrah and glass cardinal points: North, South, East, West. Each rudder turns on a shaft and incorporates hydraulics to prevent it from being rotated at high speeds, and vary from 2m to 2.4m in height. The secondary elements to this sculpture are the glass inlaid jarrah pointers aligned to the points of the compass.

The jarrah was sourced from the original pylons removed from the jetty structure.The ability for the viewer to get up close and engage physically by feeling, pushing, or simply creating their own personal canvas by moving the rudders was an important outcome. The micro inclusions afforded by the glass inlays provide an opportunity for discovery and an additional reference to the ocean. Acknowledgements to Jatek Engineering, WT Hydraulics, Mick Kennaugh and John Taylor for their assistance in the completion of this sculpture.

Laminated / Fused Panels
Perfect for door and window inserts, as well as home or corporate signage. This unique method is comprised of several different coloured blocks of glass built up and vertically laminated together – creating a highly textured surface. A sense of depth with intriguing light refracting properties gives colour changes depending on the angle of sight. The lamination is then cut and shaped to form letters, numbers and shapes to suit individual requirements. A rebate for each letter outline was carved out by Eske Passeck to fit and secure the glass element