Sculptural Designs
The Leafy Sea Dragon
In the same manner as an oil painter may build up the layers of an image from a colour palette, in this instance the palette is taken from art glass. Multiple layers of crushed, slithered and cut glass has been built up to form the free flowing shape of the mystical and beautiful leafy sea dragon. Wrought iron and a jarrah butt serve as the frame for this sculpture providing movement through the reeds and light penetration from different angles.
Ocean & Earth
One overall artwork created with a combination of two juxtaposing pieces representing the ocean and the earth.
One element is inspired by the red dirt and earth found inland of Esperance, in the Goldfields region. This unique series has multiple layers of both dichroic and art glass with dirt from the “desert” fused between the layers. The second element is inspired by the crystal clear waters and the whitest sand in Australia from the Esperance coastline. This unique series has multiple layers of both dichroic and art glass with Esperance beach sand fused between the layers.

Whale Tail Spine Sculpture

A more achievable “take home” sculptural version, including the individual elements that make up the spine of the Esperance Whale Tail. Inspired by the many moods of the ocean, this sculptural piece was created using a variant of the same vertical lamination technique.Whale Tail Spine Sculpture (317x450)

Female Blocks
Designed to create awareness of the physical nature of the Breast Cancer disease and to highlight the individual stages of development. The “blocks” represent the woman’s body and through the use of enamels and multiple layered fusing of the clear glass, the different stages of the “disease” have been encapsulated in the individual boxes. Highly polished and finished to create six individual elements that combine to form one piece. Glass Art 12 Cindy Blocks photo by Dan Paris

The different layers of glass show the different depths of emotions of the subjects, combined with the transparency afforded by the inherent properties of glass. Initial photographs were manipulated into a black and white images, which were then printed onto transparencies, revealed under a UV light onto light-sensitive film to create a resist stencil. The resist was laid out onto the glass and the image sand blasted before enamel paint was used to bring out the blasted detail. What is happening deep beneath the layers is not always revealed on the surface…
Support end was created by Jason Wooldridge, using a piece of railway track.Glass ArtCindy & Jason Layers by Dan Paris

Inspired by the aerial view of the landscape carpeted in the patchwork of greens and yellows of the canola and crops. Comprised of numerous different coloured blocks of glass that have been both horizontally & vertically laminated together, creating a highly textured surface with intriguing light refracting properties depending on the angle of sight.Glass Art Paddocks

Boab Tree
The Boab Tree is Cindy’s Australian version of the ‘Tree of life’. Inside the various depths of the glass you can find a myriad of Australian flora and fauna which co-exist in harmony with nature and contribute to the essence of life itself. It was only fitting that these formed the life blood of the Tree of Life. Each image has been digitally rendered, sandblasted and then applied with enamels to give each within the multiple layers of glass.IMG_1042

Super Pit “The Face”
Hundreds of individual lengths of glass were cut from full sheets, and an enormous amount of time went in to positioning the pieces into the pattern that can be found on the walls of the Kalgoorlie Super Pit. Each of the pieces were then systematically vertically fused together in smaller groups to finally creating a highly textured surface with intriguing light refracting properties depending on the angle of sight.Glass Art 'The Face'Superpit

Mining Head Frame
Utilising the concept of using positive and negative spaces to identify the areas in which to sandblast, the headframe was then revealed from the fused black glass back – which formed the base of the artwork. The descriptive “mining theme” words were carved into the glass and then back filled with a gold paint substance.Glass Art Headframe

Four Seasons
Each panel represents the elements of the four different seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Each small coloured element is fired initially on its own, and then laid on the larger sheets of clear glass for a second firing.IMG_5431

Strength Fragility Bikini
Initially motivated by a bra art exhibition, the piece seemed incomplete without a bottom half, so the matching brief was later created. The beauty of glass has intrigued mankind since they worked out how to harness the properties of sand and heat. It is therefore only fitting that it is used to highlight the beauty of a woman’s body, whilst reflecting both the strength and fragility of life itself.

Wind Farm
Inspired by the local wind farms overlooking the Esperance township, several techniques were combined to form this hanging glass artwork (that some say “doesn’t even look like glass!”) The developmental stages involved sandblasting, felt moulding, hole drilling and multiple layer exposing techniques.IMG_0591

Dear Diary… Crumpled Paper
A collaborative art work between Cindy Poole and Amber Perryman who created the interpretive writing piece representing many women’s stories of their breast cancer experiences. Cindy then transferred these stories onto glass, which was slumped into the form of “crumpled paper” – as if they were ripped from a diary and scattered on a desk. Dear Diary was initially inspired by the diary entries of one woman, but evolved to give all of the contributing women’s stories a voice.Glass Art text crumpled paper photo by Dan Paris

Reeded Lamp
Inspired by the water reeds found in the hot springs of the Northern Territory, each long slither of art glass is positioned in the solid timber base to frame the globe. Once illuminated, the lamp creates a myriad of different tones and shadows whilst still releasing a functional amount of light. A true statement piece for both day and night.IMG_0584

Bleeding Soul
The turmoil of life manifests in a tear of blood that cuts from the body’s core… A bleeding soul is represented by the use of fused glass inserts, and a glass mosaic with mirror. Hanging wall art – 600mm diameter.Bleeding Soul