A distinctively unique series, the Silversmith Collection combines traditional and timeless silversmith techniques with Cindy Poole’s refined glass skills.

This collection highlights Cindy’s expertise with glass in utilising traditional kiln firing techniques, and provides yet another complimentary process to visually express her artistic inspiration.

The Wrap Ring

The Wrap’ Ring is our signature style, prized for is practicality and effortlessness; inspired by the landscapes of our Esperance home.

Featuring a handcrafted glass gem set in an adjustable sterling silver band, the luxurious piece is effortless and safe to wear in showers, pools and the ocean.

AUD 245

The Yin Yang

Featuring two glass art gems set in a strong sterling silver band, The ‘Yin Yang’ Ring comes in a variety of colours and textures inspired by the natural beauty of Esperance.

The band is open, allowing for comfort and slight adjustability on your finger.

AUD 245

The Brigitte Ring

The ‘Brigitte’ Ring features a singular glass art gem framed by a sterling silver droplet shaped band.

The sterling silver band has a slightly rounded finish to it, for added comfort and style.

Safe to wear in the shower, pool and ocean (with proper care)

AUD 220


Megs Double Twist

‘Meg’s Double Twist’ Ring features two glass art gem’s set in a sterling silver band with a detailed twist design.

Delicate and intricate, this style comes in a range of colours and is slightly adjustable for a comfortable fit.

AUD 220

The Jamee Ring

The ‘Jamee’ Ring is an effortless statement piece, featuring one handcrafted glass art gem, set in a thick sterling silver band.

The ‘Jamee’ Ring is available in a variety of colours and features a split detail on the back allowing for slight adjustability and comfort.

AUD 220

The Karine Ring

The ‘Karine’ Ring features one large glass art gem set in a double bezel sterling silver base. The band features a small split in the back for added comfort and slight adjustability in the size.

An effortless statement piece, the ‘Karine’ is timeless and elegant.

AUD 220


The Simonee

The ‘Simonee’ Ring features one glass art gem set in a simple single bezel sterling silver band, making it perfect as a unisex ring. Available in a range of colours inspired by the Esperance landscapes, The ‘Simonee’ is simply beautiful for everyday wear.

AUD 190

Megs Twist

‘Meg’s Twist’ Ring (left) features one glass art gem set in a single bezel base with a twisted band design.

A delicate and beautiful style available in a range of colours.

AUD 190