Cindy Poole Glass Artist: Book a Sustainable Glass Artistry Experience in Esperance

Book an Immersive Esperance Tour Experience and Discover the World of Sustainable Glass Artistry

.Dive into an immersive journey at the Cindy Poole Glass Gallery in Esperance, where every piece tells a story of sustainability and artistic innovation. Experience first-hand how the stunning beauty of Esperance landscapes is preserved and celebrated through the sustainable practice of glass kiln forming.

Discover unique sustainable glass art in Esperance. Book a hands-on Discover and Create tour with Cindy Poole and zero-waste your glass keepsake made from a glass bottle. Perfect for art lovers and eco-conscious explorers


Explore Eco-friendly Glass Artistry Tours in Esperance.


Experience the Essence of Esperance Through Sustainable Glass Artistry

The Cindy Poole Glass Artist, Gallery Experience transcends the traditional, integrating a strong focus on craftsmanship, sustainability and ReValued Glass in every creation. This unique approach celebrates Esperance’s natural beauty through exquisite glass forms and pays homage to eco-friendly practices in sustainable design and glass artistry.


Discovery and Create Tour Cindy Poole with tour participant cutting glass on a large saw
  • Public Artworks: Discover Behind-the-scenes processes and insights into the making of the sculptures that blend artistic interpretations with specialised and collaborative designs and environmental consciousness inspired by the Esperance landscapes.
  • Wearable Art & Artisanal Glass Jewellery: Find unique, sustainable gifts handcrafted with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and personifying the natural beauty of Esperance, Western Australia in glass forms.
  • Contemporary Sustainable Stylish Décor: Choose from décor items that embody sustainable living, crafted from ReValued Glass to ensure every piece has a positive environmental backstory.

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Shop for authentic local souvenirs, keepsakes, gifts, jewellery and handcrafted artwork / décor , browse the exhibition space at leisure or book a behind the scenes eco-friendly art experience or hands on eco-friendly Workshop Experience


  • A Customisable Journey Through Eco-Friendly Glass Art
  • Engage in a customizable experience with Cindy Poole that puts sustainability at its core.
  • Explore how ‘ReValued Glass’ contributes to environmental stewardship while creating stunning artworks that celebrate the ethos of eco-friendly design and sustainable practices.


  • Sustainable Customised Tours
     Learn how each piece contributes to a larger narrative of environmental care, crafted from recycled and eco-conscious materials.
  • Hands-on Discovery and Creation
     Partaking in the sustainable art-making process, glass kiln forming technique demonstrations understanding the significance of each material and its impact 
  • Advocacy Through Sustainable Glass Art Design                                                                                                                                       Experience how art can be a powerful advocate for environmental sustainability, leaving with a deeper appreciation for eco-friendly practices in the art world.


A Palette of Interactive Tour Options Tailored Just for You


Dive deep into the artistry with our array of tour choices, each offering its own level of engagement and immersion. From intimate behind-the-scenes looks to expansive explorations of our gallery, there’s an experience waiting to match your curiosity and interests.

Let’s Make It Happen Together

Ready to plan your visit? Reach out directly to Cindy Poole Glass Artist. We’re more than happy to discuss alternate times that best align with your needs, ensuring your experience with us is not just memorable but also perfectly paced for you.

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Tour Group Discover and Create group grinding glass
Discover And Create Sustainable Artistry tour group

What Visitors Say About Our Glass Art Tours

For those seeking an insightful and inspiring glass art experience in Esperance, Cindy Poole’s Gallery offers not just a view into the world of glass making but also an opportunity to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty of kiln-formed glass products. Whether it’s for viewing or purchasing authentic Australian-made souvenirs, Cindy Poole Glass Artist Gallery stands out as a must-visit destination.


An Experience Beyond Expectations”
“The gallery visit exceeded all my expectations. Cindy Poole’s talent in glass art is unparalleled, and the ability to see her at work, transforming raw materials into breathtaking art, was a privilege. The tour was immersive and educational—a highlight of our Esperance trip.”

Emily S


Amazing creativity in repurposing glass into useful and stunning pieces.
The nominal admission charge ensured that Cindy’s knowledgeable assistants could be retained to help us really appreciate the depth of her work.
From functional pieces to glorious art and jewellery
Nothing was a problem for them.
Had to reward myself with some beautiful earrings
Her work is also online


Trip Advisor

Beautiful unique jewellery and artwork. Exceptional customer service and friendly, inviting atmosphere. So many gorgeous pieces to choose from. Looking forward to my next visit.



Trip Advisor

Great insight into glasswork and what is required to make kiln-fired glass art in terms of the techniques. And very valuable information into the ethos/ environmental values of reusing glass. Cindy is a great tour guide and artist!! Loved this tour!


Layuren M

Trip Advisor

I was blown away visiting Cindy Poole’s Gallery. Her work is beautiful.
We were greeted by Janet, who explained Cindy’s work. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
I have never seen such creative and beautiful work using bottles. It was really inspiring. I hope one day to be able to take a workshop at the gallery.
Visiting the gallery was one of the highlights of our trip

sally inglis

Google review

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Unveil the Splendour of Glass Art in Esperance

Step into a realm where the rugged beauty of Esperance takes on a new form through the delicate craftsmanship of Cindy Poole’s glass art—a sanctuary where creativity and nature coalesce.

Group Bookings: Experience Glass Artistry Together

Gather your group and uncover the world of glass in the company of friends, colleagues, or fellow travellers. We invite tour bus companies and cruise ship operators to connect with us for expansive group bookings. Simplify your planning by reaching out to us at sales@cindypoole.com.au or calling +61 497 714 059 to arrange a visit tailored to your schedule.

Pricing: Discover Glass Art within Your Budget

Engage with our glass artistry at excellent value, with group tour prices starting from just 20 AUD. Our rates are crafted to accommodate your experience, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and art appreciation for all.

Customized and Private Tour Experiences: Tailor-Made for You

Looking to curate an exclusive event or a private gathering steeped in artistic flavor? Whether it’s a close-knit family affair, a bonding session for friends, or an innovative corporate retreat, Cindy Poole Glass Artist Gallery can facilitate outside of regular hours and on alternative days as requested. Discuss bespoke experiences with us—mindful that adjustments in pricing, a minimum number of participants, and our expert staff’s availability may influence your personalized tour.

Unique Selling Points: A Kaleidoscope of Experiences

Embrace an exceptional journey into the vibrancy of glass, where every contour and colour tells the tale of Esperance. Our gallery isn’t merely a space but an integrated platform for retail, learning, and memorable experiences. Behold an array of kiln-formed glass marvels—from expansive public installations and statement wearable art to sculptural masterpieces and ornate jewellery. Each piece is a celebration of the one-of-a-kind, authentically Australian essence, ready to be treasured as a sustainable keepsake from Esperance.

The Esperance Connection: Art Interwoven with Locale

Cindy Poole’s glass artworks are not just visually striking; they’re narrators of the Esperance story. Experience how each piece echoes the landscapes and ethos of local public art, underpinned by sustainability practices that preserve the essence of our beloved region. Dive into the glass art tour of Esperance, and tailor your immersion to the preferences of your group, creating an intimate connection with the soul of the place through Cindy’s lens as a designer, maker, and glass artist.

Connecting with the unique artistry of Cindy Poole stands not only as an invitation to witness glass art in its full glory but also as an opportunity to participate in a movement that celebrates art, sustainability, and the singular beauty of Esperance.