About Us

Cindy Poole has been creating glass art since 1995.

Thriving off of inspiration found in nature from all over Australia, The Glass Gallery and combined workshop studio has come a very long way from its humble beginnings. Located 5 minutes from town and just off the Great Ocean Drive, The Cindy Poole – ‘Glass Gallery Experience’ is a must-see for anyone visiting Esperance.

Creative design, authentic craftsmanship and sustainability converge to shape a unique local and accredited sustainable tourist attraction that celebrates Esperance’s stunning beauty.

 With a reputation for excellence, Cindy has taken her studio – and her talents – out of the traditional gallery format and into a new integrated retail, educational, and experiential space, including behind-the-scenes Discovery and Create tours.

A nominal $5 first-time ‘Experience’ entry will allow you to browse at leisure and immerse yourself in a visual journey of discovery designed to; inspire, educate, evoke emotions, spark intrigue, and see the World of Glass and its role in creative design sustainability solutions from a Designer/Maker/Glass Artist’s perspective

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OPEN Monday – Saturday 1.00 – 4.00pm

CLOSED Sunday + Public Holidays

23 Longbottom Lane, Pink Lake, Esperance

A not too be missed stop, during your scenic tour along The Great Ocean Drive.

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