Opt for ReValued Glass, ReFormed, ReImagined

Embrace the Limitless, Artistic Transformation of Glass Waste into Unique, Australian-Made Décor, Jewellery, and Giftware”

Sustainable Artistry with ‘ReValued Glass’:

From Waste to Asset

“Embark on Cindy Poole Glass Artist’s journey with ‘ReValued Glass’ Initiative — a combination of artistic creativity, environmental consciousness, and responsible social practices.”

Our innovative glass-working process gives discarded materials a second life, transforming them into breathtaking pieces of art that perfectly meld an environmental responsibility with a strong aesthetic appeal.”

“Our passion for transforming often dismissed waste sets us apart. We venture into a world where recycled glass becomes a statement — transforming discarded material into beautiful, high-value corporate gifts, awards, interior décor, and unique works of art.”

The ReValued Glass Vision

Revalued Glass: Shaping a Sustainable Future by Redefining Waste to Value in Every Bottle.

Our vision integrates thoughtful consumption, disposal choices, and environmental stewardship through the CCC (Collaborative, Circular, Creative) model, making the glass lifecycle in the beverage industry circular, cost-effective, and socially responsible.

Aiming for zero waste, we pledge to reuse, recycle, and regard glass as an everlasting asset, reducing landfill use and promoting a collaborative economy that benefits producers and consumers.

Embrace the Art of Recycled, Re-imagined, Reformed Glass

“Contribute and commit to a sustainable future through our ‘ReValued Glass’ initiative. Join us in turning liabilities into valuable assets. Each of our creations tells an enduring tale of transformation, significantly symbolizing our progressive approach to sustainability.”

“Our ethically produced glass art pieces, ranging from bespoke gifts and awards to sustainably crafted décor and eye-catching functional art, effortlessly combine beauty and functionality, appealing to a wide range of individuals – from eco-aware consumers to environmentally responsible collectors.

We invite you to join us as we upcycle discarded material into these unique handcrafted creations, each embodying a distinctive story of artisanal craftsmanship, transformation, and environmental sustainability.”

Individually Crafted Creations, Tailored for You

Our Revalued Glass Waste Initiative works in collaboration with you to breath new life into discarded glass, converting them into a vast array of individually-crafted items. Our collection spans from eye-catching home and office décor, to made-to-order corporate gifts embraced with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles. You can also find distinctive glassware, bold statement jewellery, intricate sculptural designs, refined office décors, exceptional corporate awards, illuminative lighting, and captivating pieces of art.

Beyond the adornments, we offer practical solutions such as stylish hand sanitizer pumps that serve as eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic pumps. All these efforts aim to foster sustainable living and mindful consumption.

Using a palette filled with hues of glass, from sunburnt ambers to vibrant blues, each of Cindy Poole’s ‘Revalued’ products is handcrafted, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

A revalued glass  decor collection from the Prestige Collection as a table centrepiece.

The Power of Collaboration, Creativity, and a Closed-Loop System: Sustainability Meets Artistry at CPGA

Join the CPGA’s Environmental Transformation Journey


Unearthing Hidden Value in Recycled Artistry: Waste Transformed into Lasting Memories of Moments in Time. At CPGA, we celebrate the synergy between sustainability and artistic expression. Our Collaborative, Circular, Creative model breathes new life into waste glass, turning it into bespoke products imbued with aesthetic value and a story of transformation. Each upcycled art piece from our studio represents a commitment to environmental responsibility and a testament to our creativity. When you own a CPGA creation, you not only acquire an artistic masterpiece, but also support sustainable practices that help shape a better future.

A Collaborative Closed-Loop Creative process…

The core of CPGA operations lies in our Collaborative Circular Creative (CCC) Model – the cornerstone of our ‘Glass ReValued’ Initiative. It brings to life the concept of a circular economy, converting waste glass bottles direct from clients into valuable, upcycled keepsakes.

Here is how our closed-loop approach unfolds:

GLASS RECOVERY: We curb the waste stream at its origin by retrieving post-consumption, spent glass bottles from our clients.
CREATIVE REIMAGINING: Through a blend of collaboration and creativity, our talented Creative team infuses new life into these discarded materials, repurposing them into distinct pieces.
CIRCLE COMPLETION: The newly transformed objects, now teeming with memories, return to their original owners, thus establishing a cycle of sustainability.

Drawing upon our model, stakeholders can participate as ‘bottle saviours’ or retail consumers, extending our mission of reducing waste and advocating reusability. In supporting this process, clients and stakeholders receive a one-of-a-kind upcycled piece, contributing to waste reduction and a cleaner, sustainable future.

Rediscover the Beauty in Discarded Glass with CPGA
At CPGA, we reveal the concealed beauty and untapped value within discarded glass bottles. Opting for our customized ‘ReValued’ products signifies supporting an eco-conscious cause while enhancing your environment.

Our guiding mantra, “Turning your waste into your next staff, client, or personal gift,” encapsulates CPGA’s mission to transform the seemingly worthless into something of value.


Artistry Reimagined: Waste reformed into lasting memories of moments in time.

In a world where one man’s trash becomes another’s treasure, we navigate the realm of upcycled artistry, seamlessly fusing environmental stewardship with creative prowess at every turn.

Upcycling with Purpose
Our ‘ReValued Glass’ process involves the careful reformation of select waste glass bottles, revealing the latent potential hidden within each one. Our goal extends beyond mere transformation: we strive to honour the natural world and the rich history embodied in these discarded items.

Crafting Unique Narratives
From liability to value, we turn commonplace bottles into personalized artefacts. Beyond their tangible form, these pieces carry an undercurrent of personal memories and narratives, making them unique touchpoints in our clients’ lives.

The Alchemy of Glassworking
We leverage an array of warm and cold kin-forming glass techniques, mastering the art of manipulating heat and gravity to birth diverse glass formations. Each handcrafted distinctive reformed object that leaves our workshop is a testament to the skill and precision of our team.

Embracing Collaboration
Our approach is steeped in collaboration, not just within our team, but also with local suppliers. From metals and woods to earth, sand, and stone, we integrate a variety of raw materials into our creations, embodying the essence of a circular economy and a collaborative supply chain.

Pioneering Sustainable Innovation
At the heart of all we do lies a commitment to sustainable and innovative operations. Every upcycled piece is not just a work of art: it’s a small step towards a greener, better world.

In conclusion, the art of reimagining waste extends beyond creating beautiful memorabilia. It’s about transforming the seemingly worthless into invaluable pieces holding lasting provenance and  memories of time— a testament to our ethos at CPGA

Be part of the change today

 "We believe in the combined power and value of each contribution big and small, to initiate

the greatest environmental and social impact of tomorrow" - Cindy Poole Glass Artist

"Take a Stand for Sustainability with Cindy Poole Glass Artist 'Revalued Glass' Collective

Join a movement where every small contribution powers a monumental environmental shift.

Cindy Poole Glass Artist invites you to partake in crafting a cleaner, more vibrant future — one recycled glass bottle at a time.

Be the Change with CPGA's Revalued Collective

Something as simple as choosing eco-friendly corporate gifts can ignite a wave of change. Meld your brand with sustainability by linking arms with CPGA, where post-consumption glass bottles are reborn into striking, custom-branded art pieces, decor and warable art, that speak volumes of your environmental ethos.

Experience the synergy of aesthetics and eco-consciousness with our Revalued Glass Collection. Each upcycled item from Cindy Poole's studio isn't merely decor — it's a declaration of a greener tomorrow and your allegiance to sustainable living.

Embrace a commitment that extends beyond mere eco-friendliness. By collaborating with Cindy Poole, you gain access to bespoke, recycled glass artefacts that are the hallmark of sophisticated sustainability and a testament to your brand's values.

Act Now: Connect Your Brand with Sustainable Elegance

If the reverie of fostering environmental stewardship through artful, personalized pieces resonates with you, it's time to transmute thought into action. Don't just make a statement — be the statement. Your initiative to partner with Cindy Poole Glass Artist9CPGA), encapsulates the beauty of transformation — from glass waste to a symbol of hope and progress.

For those driven to make an impactful statement, join us. Reach out to the CPGA team today, and let Cindy Poole help sculpt your vision for a greener future into an enduring legacy.

Forge a greener path, infuse art into your mission, and embrace a sustainable brand identity. Connect with Cindy Poole Glass Artist now and solidify your stance as an eco-conscious leader.



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