We work together with others towards zero waste, a circular economy and a more sustainable future.
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Hospitality Inn Group

Situated on the busy foreshore of the Esperance Esplanade, Hospitality Esperance fully embraces the sustainability journey Cindy Poole, Recycled aims to achieve.

The circular model is complete, with used glass bottles recovered from Hospitality Esperance’s restuarant, skillfully transformed and integrated back into the restaurant as beautifully functional tableware.

Supporting local, and an ethical alternative to mainstream industrial-based waste management methods, the Hospitality Inn Group not only ‘closes the circle’ in Esperance but continues to use the Recycled Hand Sanitiser Pumps throughout their hospitality chains situated all over Western Australia

Lucky Bay Brewing

Local businesses supporting local businesses – the multi-award winning Lucky Bay Brewing supports the sustainability concept headed by Cindy Poole’s Recycled. Facilitating the initiative Lucky Bay Brewing plays a vital role in supplying Cindy Poole with a steady stream of recovered glass bottles, ready to be transformed into beautiful pump bottles. If you look closely, you may notice a similarity in bottle shape between the Recycled Cider Sanitiser Pump and the delicious cider bottles found at Lucky Bay Brewing!

Supporting the circular model concept, Lucky Bay Brewing harnesses its own sustainability footprint exercising a focus on sanitisation through the unique and functional Recycled Hand Sanitiser Pump range. Not only do these hand sanitiser pumps feature in the brewery but many other local Esperance and state-wide businesses.

The Shire of Esperance

 With sustainability at the forefront of the Shire of Esperance’s mind, they encourage the community to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Actively promoting the incredible and innovative ways that we can be sustainable, and help the environment, the Shire of Esperance proudly supports Cindy Poole’s Recycled initiative. The Shire of Esperance has replaced their single-use plastic sanitiser bottles with these unique, hand-made, authentic Australian sanitiser pumps in their own efforts to fight the war on waste.


This could be you

Paying homage to the West Australian environment, Cindy Poole Glass Gallery has embarked on a journey of sustainability; creating an entire range of products from recycled bottles and transforming them into functional and beautiful pieces of art with a local Esperance twist.

We seek out businesses, communities and individuals to work with us who are looking for solutions to lower their environmental impact, and who wish to support the principles of a circular economy and products that are authentically Australian made.


We want to thank you, who actively embrace our brand and contribute towards our sustainability outcomes through advocacy, collaboration and purchasing  of our products.

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