Custom Creations


“Sometimes I get to make new things because there is a brief for an exhibition, I am part of a collaboration with another artist or because I am given an opportunity to bring an idea from someone else into a tangible form reflective of my skills and medium. This is the space that inspires me…”

– Cindy

We thrive on the creative design process which includes customisation opportunities across our extensive body of work.

Ranging from jewellery for special occasions, home decor to finish ‘the look’, artwork that celebrates special moments or captures memories that connect you to a time, place or person. We can created memorial pieces, capturing the essence of your loved ones within the artwork or jewel of your choosing

Working closely with Cindy Poole, you will be guided through the personalised process of establishing your idea, budget, timeline and purpose. Cindy and her team will embark on the design and handcrafted process to bring your piece to life, expertly crafted to meet your needs.

Colourful Glass Sculpture by Cindy Poole

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