We believe that art nourishes the soul and that everyone deserves the opportunity to derive pleasure through an artistic medium.

By celebrating the “Art of Glass” we create an experience that entices people to immerse themselves in a visual journey of discovery designed to; inspire, educate, evoke emotions, spark intrigue, and to see our world from another perspective.

This journey should be enjoyable, allow contemplation, encourage imagination, and creates a treasured memory that connects them to a time and place.


We demonstrate our belief by providing:

  • An established local tourist attraction spanning years of artistic practice that allows visitors to ‘Experience the Art of Glass’.
  • A body of work that includes:
    • public artwork designed to engage communities,
    • architectural, decorative, conceptual, and wearable art inspired from the environment, experiences, and surroundings.


When people interact with us, we want them to feel:

  • Engaged, impressed and excited by the experience.
  • Intrigued by the methodologies.
  • Eager to explore in a mindful, relaxed and comfortable manner.
  • Affected by the beauty, references and conceptual connections to the artworks.

To be successful, we need to:

  • Operate within a culture that is passionate, loyal, trustworthy, supportive and generous of spirit to each other and clients.
  • Be diverse in our strengths, recognise weaknesses, strive to improve and value these differences in individuals.
  • Train staff effectively and equip them with the necessary skills, resources and knowledge to efficiently achieve expected outcomes.
  • Be brave to have a go at new things, strive towards excellence, pay attention to detail and fully embrace learning to the best of our ability.
  • Be organised and care about how we do things so that it contributes to more cost efficient and effective outcomes.
  • Be considered in the way we approach tasks and solve any problems
  • Be given autonomy to achieve outcomes when we are capable of being successful.
  • Be trusted to work unsupervised with no compromise in our outcomes.
  • We celebrate success and reward and acknowledge contributions when relevant.

Our brand is driven by what we believe in and what we stand for.  With this in mind, our values are:

  • Be brave, creative, authentic, and open minded.
  • Be passionate and proud about our contributions and making a positive difference.
  • Challenge the status quo and embrace change.
  • Be thoughtful, considered, and generous of spirit in how we do things.
  • Be mindful of how our behaviour and actions can affect other people.

These values guide everybody’s actions, communications, and decisions in our contributions at Cindy Poole Glass Gallery and our role as a ‘Shed Elf’.