Our mission is to create a renowned regional landmark Gallery that promotes artistic glass excellence showcasing its diversity, beauty and unique qualities as an artistic and architectural medium.


Our vision has evolved from a desire to expand the creative arts practice of Cindy Poole and achieve a higher level of diversity, growth and artistic excellence within the artist’s practise. The gallery will support local job growth, our social and environmental infrastructure and the delivery to market of a handcrafted, regional product range of interior and exterior usable/decorative objects, architectural design components, conceptual wall/sculptural art, gift-ware, jewellery, and souvenirs. This range will incorporate both recycled and art glass, timbers, metals, and other materials referencing the Esperance-Goldfields  region’s diverse natural beauty and unique assets.

Artwork will be professionally presented in a fully immersive and value-added setting. This innovative space will promote and enrich the artistic diversity of a remote and regional town, showcase individual and group collaborations, demonstrate a recycled pathway to reduce glass waste volume, provide artistic and cultural opportunities and the delivery of workshops to other artists and community.

Cindy’s practice is based on kiln formed glass which include her unique and distinctive processes which involve using the heat harnessed from the depth of a kiln, to transform glass into an array of artwork that captures her creative imagination and emerges with its own unique fingerprint. Cindy is inspired by her surroundings and experiences which are interpreted within the realms of her medium resulting in a diverse body of work which includes public artwork that engages communities, architectural, decorative, conceptual and wearable art.


This unique landmark gallery will be an architecturally designed, integrated, innovative, economically viable and environmentally conscious space. Full realisation of the artistic scope of this exciting creative project will require working with a range of like-minded suppliers, professionals, designers and artists, with varied expertise to work collaboratively in pursuit of interior and exterior building and design excellence.

The building itself will be an innovative work of art, drawing people in and providing a fully immersive journey of discovery showcasing the beauty and unique properties of glass at every opportunity. It will an iconic  place of ‘Artistic Glass Excellence’, position Esperance as a leader in  glass recycling and will raise the credibility of the visual arts in remote regional Australia.

The integrated working studio, glass gallery, boutique residences and operations will provide the opportunity for state, national and international visitors and the local community to celebrate the ‘Art of Glass’ through access to an extraordinary experience, venue and new opportunities.


The vision has become bigger than our initial plans and to make the next stage happen we will need to draw on all our resources and entrepreneurial spirit to build on and value add to our own already significant financial and physical investment to raise the required funds to further activate the project.

We are currently looking for creative and economic opportunities, philanthropic donors and foundation partners to contribute towards the architectural design, working drawings and the development of collaborative, innovative and integrated artworks that will define the building spaces. The financial assistance will also assist in equipping the working studio to cater for advanced glass making production methods including glass recycling processes and the development of workshop and exhibition spaces to cater for corporate and community access.


Cindy Poole: Owner & Project Manager
Lot 5, Longbottom Lane
Esperance, Western Australia 6450
Phone: 0427 714 059

Experience the “Art of Glass” through an authentic and extraordinary journey of discovery that will inspire, educate, evoke emotions, spark intrigue and see our world from another perspective.